Measurement guide

(In inches or cm specifies when ordering)

For Men:

Waist size :
Bust size :
Weight and age.


If an armor piece seem to big or too small, I can remove material or add. Piece are all individually handmade. Just ask me with an email for custom. Armor too tight or too large, no problem you can adjust yourself most of the piece by hand. It just take some effort and patience.

For Woman:

Since a plate from woman is more complicated here what I need for measurement, you will have to take measurement indicated on the sheet ( see picture) send me a scan or a photo.

I will need 3 photo of you, face, back and side, taken with light clothe so that I can see your shape, to help me with measure those photo will have to include 2 measurement tape on you, one from neck to hip. one from side to side.

That will help me figure out all the measurement and copy those into a mannequin.


For men's measurements please fill out measurements w/*only

    *1. Shoulder to Shoulder: (at back, bone to bone on shoulder)
    *2. Across Back: (from crease of back of under arm across to other arm crease)
    *3. Shoulder to Waist: (back)
    4. Shoulder to Tip of Bust:
    *5. Across Front: (from crease at front of under arm across to other arm crease)
    6. Tip of Bust to Tip of Bust: (distance across)
    *7. Waist to Hem: (side front)(side back over buttocks)
    8. Shoulder to Waist: (front over bust)
    9. Shoulder to Under Bust Line:
    10. Under Bust Line Measurement Around:
    *11. Shoulder to Elbow:
    *12. Shoulder to Wrist: (length of sleeve)
    *13. Arm Around: (midway between shoulder and elbow)
    *14. Wrist Around:
    *15. Bust Around (chest):
    *16. Waist Around:
    *17. Hip Around: (around largest part of buttocks)
    18. Depth of neckline:
    *19. Around Upper Thigh:
    *20. Around Neckline: 


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