In this categories you will find a great variety of functional steel leg armour. We have greaves ,full steel legs,cuisses, sabatons,  All are fully functional.   We offer different styles , from Medieval s to fantasy style ones. Principaly for LARP event, 

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Achilles Legs
Model: le12
From the movie Troy. Made with 8-10 ounce leather . ..
Asdar greaves.
Model: le28
Asdar greaves. ..
Dragon Scales Legs
Model: le08
Dragon Scales Legs ..
Dragonnier Greve
Model: le19
Dragonnier Greave ..
Elf Legs
Model: le21
Elf Legs ..
Elf wings legs
Model: le25
Elf wings legs ..
Model: le03
Standard Greave.Can be made custom to fit legs. ..
Half Legs Asdar
Model: le14
Half Legs Asdar ..
Model: le13
legs ..
Legs 1500
Model: le01
Legs 1500 ..
Overlord Cuisses
Model: le26
Overlord Cuisses ..
Overlord greave
Model: le24
Overlord greave ..
Rebel Greve
Model: le18
Rebel Greave ..
Scout Greve
Model: le22
Scout Greave ..
tasset Le10
Model: le10
Tasset ..
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