At the knight armor we have full steel arms, spaulders ,arm bracers,  pauldrons and gauntlets armor all fully functional, From fantasy , Gothic, medieval, renaissance.

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300 Vambrace
Model: ar35
300 Vambrace ..
Achilles Arms
Model: ar24
Achilles arm from the film Troy. Made with 8-10 ounce leather. ..
Achilles Shoulder
Model: sh16
Achilles Shoulder, From the movie Troy with Brad Pitt ..
Model: ar34
Small Bracer ..
Bandit Complete Arms
Model: sh14
Bandit Complete Arms. Full articulated set of arm ..
Basic shoulder 1
Model: sh01
Basic shoulder protection.3 lames. ..
Basic shoulder 2
Model: sh05
Basic Shoulder protection. Goth style. ..
bracer Baron
Model: ar19
Bracer, Made with 8-10 ounce leather ..
Bracer Garad
Model: ar27
Bracer Garad ..
Cavalier Pauldron
Model: sh08
Cavalier Pauldron, Large Shoulder protection ..
Complete Asdar Arms
Model: sh18
Complete Asdar Arms. Full articulated set of arm ..
Complete Tyrol Arms
Model: sh17
Complete Tyrol Arms. Full articulated set of arm ..
Derek Shoulder
Model: sh27
Shoulder ..
Dragon Scales
Model: ar05
Dragon Scales ..
Dragon wing Bracer
Model: ar30
Dragon wing Bracer ..
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