We offer a great selection of functional steel , stainless steel, body armor, from  breastplates to backplate.

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Achilles Breast plate
Model: br22
From the movie Troy with Brad Pitt reproduction of his armor.Made with 5-7 ounce leather . Fr..
Asdar Back Plate
Model: br28D
Asdar Back Plate ..
Asdar Breastplate
Model: br28F
Asdar Breastplate ..
Asdar Kit
Model: br34
Asdar Kit ..
Breasplate Kaluma
Model: br38F
Breastplate ..
Breasplate Overlord
Model: br37
Breastplate ..
Model: br16
Damodar armor. Inspired by the film Dungeon and dragon with a mix of lord of the ring for the legs..
Elf Breastplate
Model: br01
Elf Breastplate ..
Elrond Tasset
Model: br01-t
Elrond Tasset ..
Fire Breasplate
Model: br33
Fire Breasplate ..
Kaluma back plate
Model: br38D
Breastplate Back for br38 ..
Kaluma Kit
Model: br40
Breastplate ..
Overlord back plate
Model: br36
Breastplate ..
Overlord Kit
Model: br39
Full set armor Overlord ..
Peascod Breast Plate
Model: br04
Breast plate. Peascod style. ..
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